Geology Lecture Series

John and Mary Louise Riley Geology Lecture Series

The John and Mary Louise Riley Geology Lecture Series is sponsored by the Geology Club, an academic club with the common interest of rocks, fossils, and the Earth. Geology seminars take place in Darwin 128 at noon on Wednesdays. Coffee and cookies will be served. After the talk, all are welcome to join our speaker for an informal lunch at The Overlook on campus.

Fall 2020 Schedule of Events - Talks take place over Zoom

The fall 2020 speaker series will take place virtually on Zoom. Links to the talk can be found on the Sonoma State Geology Club Facebook Page.

  • Thursday October 1st from 12 to 1 - Dave Fowler

  • Thursday November 5th from 12 to 1 - Alan Chapman from Macalaster University

Spring 2020 Schedule of Events - Cancelled due to COVID-19

The final events in the 2020 Lecture Series have been cancelled due to the shutdown of campus. The following links will take you to the University COVID-19 page and the Academic Affairs COVID-19 Info Hub

  • January 22nd - Candidate #1 for Ig/Met Tenure Track Faculty Position

  • January 29th - Candidate #2 for Ig/Met Tenure Track Faculty Position

  • February 4th (Tuesday) - Candidate #3 for Ig/Met Tenure Track Faculty Position

  • February 6th (Thursday)- Candidate #4 for Ig/Met Tenure Track Faculty Position

  • April 1st - Alan Chapman from Macalester College

  • April 15th - Brennan Williams-Mieding from West Coast Geologic will talk about his work drilling in the Geysers. 

  • April 29th - Dave Fowler from the State of California at the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board

Spring 2019 Schedule of Events

  • February 6th - Mike Jewitt from Miller Pacific Engineering Group

  • February 12th - Darwin Day Special Tuesday Seminar featuring Greg Priest from Stanford University.

  • February 20th - Diego Melgar from the EarthScope Speaker Series

  • March 27th - Matt Malkowski from Stanford University

  • April 17th - Zeno Levy from the USGS

  • April 24th - Nicole Lunning from Rutgers University

Fall 2018 Schedule of Events

  • September 12th  - Laurie Racca from the Board for Professional Geologists

  • October 17th - Max Rudolph from UC Davis

  • November 14th - Tom Anderson from the University of Nevada Reno and SSU

  • November 28th - Katherine Wentz from Remote Sensing Systems (RSS)

  • December 5th - Nate Eichelberger from StructureSolver

Spring 2018 Schedule of Events

  • January 23rd - Robin Glass from Syracuse University

  • January 30th - Ferdinand Oberle from the USGS

  • February 6th – Sarah Evans from Appalachian State University

  • February 8th - Carolina Munoz from the University of California Berkeley

  • March 7th - Elisa Fitz from the University of Mexico 

  • April 4th - Becca Lawton, a science writer from Sonoma county 

  • April 18th - Pria Shukla from Bodega Marine Lab