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Minor in Geology

Completion of a minimum of 20 units from Geology Department courses will constitute a minor in geology. Six of the 20 units must be upper-divison. Students should consult with an advisor in the Geology Department regarding required courses.

See Geology catalog for more information

The table below shows our recomended coursework for a Minor in Geology.  

Course Name

GEOL 102: Our Dynamic Earth 3
GEOL 105: The Age of Dinosaurs 3
GEOL 110: Natural Disasters 3
GEOL 301: Natural History of the Hawaiian Islands 3
GEOL 302: Geology of Climate Change 3
GEOL 303: Advanced Principles of Geology*** 4***
GEOL 304: Geologic Mapping & Report Writing*** 1***


*** indicates highly recomended upper division courses