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Bachelor of Arts in Earth and Environmental Sciences

Revised for Fall 2021

Faculty pointing to the mountains

Photo: SSU faculty giving morning instructions to the class before a day of fieldwork near Mammoth Lakes, CA. Spring 2018.


Welcome! The B.A. in Earth and Environmental Sciences at SSU provides a modern and relevant learning experience for our majors while providing a flexible path toward graduation. It includes a broad suite of geoscience-related electives across the university to provide students with a customizable self-directed curriculum that best suits their interests and career goals. This degree provides an interdisciplinary, liberal-arts synthesis in the geosciences and to the study of geology and the Earth. This degree attracts a diverse group of students interested in careers in geoscience, local and state scientific and regulatory agencies, K-12 science teaching, attending law school, attending grad school in the history of science, or (for example) being a park ranger or working in a field other than pure geology. Contact us for more information!

Earth and Environmental Science, BA