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Magnetometer Instructions

Written by Denise Burgett

Field Methods: 

  1. Once the magnetometer is connected to the backpack and manually put together it is time to stand at the beginning of your grid and prepare the machine to start the survey. Please make sure to remove your phone and any larger metal objects like keys from your pockets.

  2. To turn on the magnetometer press B 

  3. Enter the survey method by pressing A-Survey

  4. Let it connect to the GPS

  5. If necessary, change the coordinate system to UTM (this can also be done in the post-processing software at a later date).

  6. Press C-walk mode then C again 

  7. Press A then C 

  8. Press F to start survey

  9. Once you have finished walking one line press C (hard) until screen changes to paused screen

  10. Move to next line in grid, group mates will move tape to next line for you to follow

  11. To un-pause and continue taking measurements press F (hard)

  12. Repeat steps 7-10 until entire grid is completed

  13. When you have completed your entire grid press 1 and C simultaneously to end survey and save data file


Important Notes on Magnetometer: 

  • To turn off the machine press 0 and F simultaneously 

  • If you need to return to the main menu press 1 and C simultaneously