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DAQlink 3 Seismograph

The department has a DAQlink III seismograph, GPS, spread cable (with 24 take-outs at 3 meter intervals), 25 10-Hz geophones (one extra - just in case...), and three hammer trigger switches (considered "consumables" by the industry, but at $250 each, they should be treated very carefully by students). It operates with a 16-pound sledge hammer, 8-inch diameter by 1.6 inch thick aluminum strike plate, and 300-foot trigger cable.

The DAQlink 3 is a high resolution versatile seismic recording system. The system can be configured as a stand-alone monitoring system, a refraction system or a distributed seismic reflection system. The DAQlink 3-24 has been designed for temporary or long term installations and can be monitored continuously or periodically, locally or remotely. External clock discipline via GPS Module, VHF/UHF radios or Wire enables usage in any environment.